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12 Tips to Quickly Move Oversized Household Items!

You are a perfectionist – you like everything in good order and in the right way. For your upcoming Mumbai to Chandigarh move too, you are a bit paranoid and are putting in every possible effort to make the relocation a memorable affair. But, are you planning it without the packers and movers in Mumbai? Well, we are sure you are not thinking of doing a DIY move after your last move turned into havoc with the immense range of oversize items and the absence of the moving professionals from the project.
Well, there is one thing that makes even the complicated house moves easy – it is the presence of the proficient moving specialists on the assignment. Though we cannot overlook the times people have complained of failed moves regardless of having moving experts but here are a few tips that will allow you to choose the right team of packers for the assignment and we will also share some packing and moving ideas you can follow in case you are apprehensive of shifting your big and bulky household possessions.

Come on; let’s get straight into the post without further commotion.

• Count and check– Since you are concerned mainly about the moving of your complicated household goods, especially the oversize objects, you should first calculate the number of big size items you have in your household. Then, eventually, you need to make some assessments. Decide which ones you would want to move with you, as that is what will decide your expenses.

• Evaluate and decide – While you look over the things in your household, take a minute to see large items in your place, like the musical instruments including the guitar and keyboard to the bulky, upholstered items including the decked double bed, padded sofa, furnished cabinets, etc. Then think about the kind of services you would want to book for their safe move until the destination.

• Take some decision – Last time, you faced a lot of damage in your move and there are quite a few reasons for that – not booking the professionals, not opting for special handling services, not getting the required packing resources, etc. but be careful this time and decide mindfully. Think whether you would want to go for dedicated moving services for these distinct goods.

• Hire professionals – Rather than putting your valuable belongings at risk, it is better to sort out your requisites for the move in advance. Wait no more and get a team of great packing professionals on board who will supervise the whole move effortlessly. And the best part is, they will bring in the needful moving tools like rollers, dollies, and sliders to perform the task suitably.

• Inquire and discuss costs – We all know that depending on the nature of the belongings, the cost of handling is decided. If you are moving a well-furnished, heavy couch, the movers will charge you a big fee whereas the regular household items may not be charged that much. So, make sure you discuss the moving fees with the professionals in advance so you choose the right.

• Select items to move – If you think from the financial point of view, you will see your moving costs are highly influenced by the goods you move. Majorly, the weight of the items is the one deciding the cost you incur for the moving of individual household items. So, consider revising your moving inventory by letting go of your stuff before the move, if you can. It will help!

• Prepare yourself – You are a bit relieved knowing you have the professionals’ assistance on the project but you must also know certain things and certain tips so your move happens just the right way. What you can do is, you can research the right ways to handle and pack bulky goods, and some expert recommendations for undertaking the same so you remain confident of pulling it off well.

• Do what you can – You have added all the complicated household items to your moving inventory and are now figuring out their moving costs. Well, you should do some evaluation too, and take measurements of the appliances, furniture, and other sizeable devices at your place so you can etch out a floor plan for your new home. Once done, do some undoing of goods too.

• Mind a few tips – When the professionals are working on your large objects, you will get to see their proficiency in the task. They will be super–quick, efficient, and apt in their handling process. But we would still advise you to be mindful of some packing-moving tips so you can do your bit and assist movers while they are doing it. You can also pack them yourself if you want.

• Guard yourself – Guarding oneself is very important. Whether you are planning to do some dismantling or thinking of packing the removed parts of the furniture yourself, you should take care of your steps and the process you follow. Go easy, wear gloves, avoid straining your back and foot, wear shoes so you do not lose grip, and keep your eyes on your steps to avoid injury.

• Prevent scrapes – While the lifting and moving tasks are being carried out by the professionals keep an eye on the flooring, the walls, and the ceiling. There should be no damage caused to your old house even if you are evacuating it. Similarly, you should ensure your new house too remains protected from any kind of ripping. Speak to the professionals in advance for that.

• Prioritize safety – Well, it is not just about the protection of the big and bulky items but in general, everything that you move with you. But since these big items are high on cost and equally challenging to be handled for the move, being a bit more concerned is normal. So, invest in protective coverings, quality materials, and other facilitators so the move happens safely.

You need not bother a lot about things but just be cautious of how your oversize items are being handled by the expert movers and packers in Mumbai when they are aboard. They will do it all, so you can breathe easy!

Everything You Need To Know About the Investment Banking Course

Do you aspire to become an investment banker? Are you ambitious about earning a seven-figure salary? If you fit in this criterion, taking up a professional investment banking course is all you need.

Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional in Mumbai

Investment banking is one of the sought-after career choices for individuals interested to grow their careers in the financial corporate world. However, investment banking is a rapidly progressing sector these days. The demand for courses related to this particular niche is on a consistent rise worldwide.

Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional

The dedicated professional course programs in investment banking make learners proficient in different realms of investment across various industries. The skillset that one develops through these courses enables them to master the investment. Moreover, these productive courses help you learn about the aspects of real-life earning through investment. Plus, it keeps candidates updated with the latest happenings in the investment world.

Read along to further know what investment banking is all about and why one should opt to pursue these courses.

What is Investment Banking?
Investment banking is an essential division of banking operations. It deals with the creation of capital for individuals, companies, government facilities, and other entities. Investment banks are held responsible for providing financial consultancy assistance to organizations/individuals. They assist their clients in ways to manage their financial assets including Debt funds, real estate, equity funds, etc. They act as intermediates’ between investors and corporations who need to raise their capital.

Who can pursue a career in Investment Banking?
To make your career in investment banking, you simply need to have a bachelor’s degree with some work experience. Though not mandatory but a degree in finance, accounting, business administration, or math can help you provide an edge. Luckily, you also have some certification courses at your disposal. The professional courses from reputed organizations serve as indicators of your finesse in the subject. They prepare you for a job role practically as well as technically. A certification course in the banking segment like IB will acquaint you with fundamental banking practices. Apart from this, they prepare you for the job market and help enhance your interpersonal communications, virtual communication, time management, decision making, and problem-solving skills.

Benefits of taking up a career in Investment Banking
Good Salary: Investment bankers are one of the highly paidprofessionals in the world. They can fetch a seven-figure salary per month. Over it, professionals with certifications are likely to earn 20 to 40% more than the median salaries.

Better Growth: Investment banking is a challenging field. Every day you will come across new problems that will require you to put your existing skills to test. Apart from this, you will be accorded with opportunities and compelling rewards down your career.

Promotions: The technical skills acquired by IB professionals through specialized certifications enable them to secure senior roles within companies and private equity firms. Moreover, you get a chance to work in the world’s most reputed organizations and banks.


The investment banking course is a lucrative career option. It opens a lot of opportunities for aspiring individuals to grow their careers in the finance and IB segment.