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How to Be a Hot Mama – Seven Easy Health and Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

If there’s one thing most of us want more of, it’s time. Especially when you have kids.

If you’re a busy mom who’s juggling a full schedule yet still wants to be healthy, here are some tips that will help you fit getting fit into your schedule and save both time and money:

1. Exercise at home. Working out at home saves money on babysitters and expensive gym memberships and lets you multi-task-you can dish wash through Downward Dog and launder while lunging. Exercise videos are excellent resources because they’re inexpensive and come in a plethora of workouts for all fitness levels.

2. Add exercise to everyday tasks. Picking up the toys off the floor? Why not increase gluteus and leg strength by doing squats instead of bending from the waist? Stuck in front of the computer? Try sitting on an exercise ball to build core strength and balance.

3. Bike through Barney. Peddling on an exercise bike while the kids are watching TV will give you cardio-vascular benefits (and maybe even enable you to catch up on some reading).

4. Join the kids on the floor. Use floor playtime to increase flexibility. You can stretch your legs into a wide V and lean forward to stretch your back and reach over each leg to target your sides.

5. Pack meals and snacks. Bringing healthy snacks and/or packed lunches while running errands will give you fast food at your fingertips, which will help you avoid the cost and excess calories of drive-thrus. Fresh fruit, vegetable juice, pre-measured bags of nuts, and turkey sandwiches on whole-grain bread are healthy, portable items.

6. Plan in advance. Preparing a week’s worth of food on a Sunday will ensure you have food you can reheat in a hurry and cut down on eating out costs.

7. Think slow-cook for fast meals. Purchasing a good slow cooker is one of the best investments a mom can make. Throw in a chicken, broth and vegetables in the morning and a healthy dinner will be ready when you come home at night.

With some creativity and planning, you can indeed take care of your health while taking care of your family.