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Discovery Science Toys – Top 5 Educational Gifts For Girls This Christmas Under $35

Gift the gift of discovery and education with a selection from the awesome range of discovery science toys this Christmas. There are so many toys available for Christmas that it can be difficult to select something that will hold your child’s interest for more than a day or week at the most. Why not get them an educational discovery science toy that they will want to play with over and over again. When choosing gifts for girls I will select toys with educational value over the latest must have Barbie or My Little Pony product! Who knows what they will be interested in next year but science, investigation and exploration with a discovery science toy will always hold their interest. Ok, so will probably still get them a new doll, outfit or accessory!I have chosen my pick for this year’s Top 5 discovery science toys for girls aged 5 years and over from over 1000′s of products available.Scientific Explorer Spa Science – With this kit girls will be able to whip their baths into a frothy fizzing sea of colour and fragrance, make colourful, fragrant bath gels, bath fizzers, spa lotions, bath balm, face masks and shampoo. By mixing colours and fragrances girls can create their own product line with secret and exclusive mixtures. Contents include lavender and peppermint essential oils, dried roses, a glycerin bar, sea salt, citric acid, baking soda, oats, muslin bag, pipettes, test tube, cups, instructions and of course an essential experiment booklet.Science of Special Effects Kit – A ghost submarine, a hole in the palm of your hand, a barrel rolling uphill. All kids love special effects and with the action-packed activities in this kit, they will now be able to understand the science behind some of them. From balance to gravity, air pressure to magnetic attraction, key concepts are explored as kids complete the 30 engaging experiments in this one kit. Each experiment is fully illustrated in an easy to follow step-by-step format. The the science behind the effect is explained completely in kid-friendly language. Kit includes all components necessary except for a few common household items. Hint: gather some of these ready for Christmas Day so they can do at least one experiment immediately!Tree of Knowledge Weather Science Kit – For all weather fanatics! This kit will engage your child’s curiosity and help them to learn all about weather with over 30 fascinating activities centred around weather and climate. They will be able to build their own barometer, weather vane, rain gauge and hydrometer. Learn how to observe the weather traits and see how they will affect tomorrows weather. Make a rainbow, produce clouds, lightning, rain and even a thunderstorm!Discovery Kids Smart Animals Scanopaedia – The Discovery Kids electronic Scanopaedia is an electronic talking animal encyclopaedia that scans any animal to produce sound effects, fun facts and quiz questions. All kids have to do is scan the Discovery Kids logo on each smart animal and the exploration begins. There are 2501 + unique sound effects, facts and quizzes with over 200 animals to learn about.Fairy Triad Dome Terrarium – by Dunecraft this kit enables little girls to grow their own enchanted fairy garden. This charming terrarium contains magical plants for fairies and those who believe in them! The garden contains four colour seed packets: red and blue lobelia, clover, evening star and thyme; plus a bag of fairy planting mixture, bag of fairy dust, fairy, pinwheel, two fairy bells and string, four fairy plant stakes, rainbow fairy gravel, sprouting and growing terrarium, perlite drainage pellets. All complete with growing and care instructions.My hot tips:1. Don’t wait until November or December to buy Christmas gifts – get them during the year and hide them, that way you can take advantage of special offers, sales and save yourself some money this Christmas. If you forget about them (as sometimes happens to me when I hide them too well), bring them out for birthdays, rainy days or just something special!2. Get a great reference book to go with each of these gifts e.g. books about spa chemistry, weather and special effects for the science kits, animals for the scanopaedia and fairies for the terrarium – this adds even more educational value to the gift you are giving.3. Christmas gifts need not be expensive – this Top 5 are all priced under $35!