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Real Estate Investing II – 5 Mistakes You Should Never Make

The last time you had read about real estate investing, you had discovered that there are 5 steps to make profit while playing the real estate game. Although the whole process seems quite easy, it really isn’t so. The real estate market is so unpredictable, thus you can easily lose your money rather gain profits. After having explained what should be done to gain in this market, here are some statements you should never believe in if you want money flowing in your pockets rather than out of it.

Statement 1:”Real Estate Investing Is Just My Hobby.”

So you may have ventured into investing because of the opportunities it has in store, however, you must remember that this is a business, thus you should take it very seriously. Investing isn’t just buying and selling properties, it extends way beyond that to investments in improvements, assuring regular maintenance and more. Treat this venture as a small business, not as a hobby

Statement 2: “I’ll Be Rich In No Time!”

If you believe that you will make money fast investing, think again. Investing in real estate is usually a long-term project, thus you shouldn’t dream of becoming rich very quickly. The process isn’t easy, because there is always a lot of competition and a lot of hidden expenses that you may have skipped had you not done your research properly. In addition, there is a lot of work which has to be done, and that itself needs a lot of time.

Statement 3: “I Can Do This Alone.”

This is one of the misconceptions many new investors have. but this business requires that you be in contact with others in order to find deals that can produce the most profit. In addition, a single person can’t be everywhere at the same time, therefore assembling a team of professionals is a good idea. The team doesn’t need to be a large one, however, you will need the following individuals to help you out:

• A real estate agent: If you are not a licensed real estate agent, having a professional agent guiding you will help you gain more money and experience.
• An appraiser: You need someone who can give you an accurate estimate for the property you plan to invest in.
• A home inspector: You need one in order to help you evaluate the costs you will have to spend in order to make the home you invest in attractive to future buyers or renters.
• An attorney: You need a lawyer to help you with all the legal paperwork.
• A lender: This member of the team will help you out with your deals, plus, you can outsource his services to potential buyers to make sure that they will pay you on time.
Later on, you will require the services of remodeling and maintenance workers like a plumber, an electrician, a contractor and many more. So, unless you plan to lend yourself money and fix leaky faucets afterwards, never believe that you can handle real estate investing on your own.

Statement 4: “How Am I To Offer Such A Low Price? I Guess I’ll Pay More.”

Most real estate investing rookies tend to pay extra because they are too embarrassed to state the price they believe is right for a certain property. In the real estate market, you should put away all your feelings and stick to hard, cold facts. Plus, once you pay for a property, all your funds will be locked in and you won’t be able to gain the profit you are expecting.

Statement 5: “I Am Cautious With My Money, Thus I Invest In Less Properties At A Time.”

If you believe that you will earn more by being cautious with less investment deals, then you are wrong. By now you know that real estate is a business, thus you need a healthy volume of transactions to run it. More deals will provide you with more profit as most pioneer real estate investors believe that a larger volume will take out the marginal deals and allow the good ones to outshine the rest.